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Why you Need A Niche As A Virtual Assistant.

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Are You A No Niche Nancy?

You may be asking yourself what that means while clutching your pearls, so let me explain. No Niche Nancy is a Virtual Assistant who is driving herself ABSOLUTELY CRAZY, trying to be everything to everyone.

She is overwhelmed, she is overworked, and worst of all she is underpaid! She's doing her best to keep up with her client load, but never quite feels like she is hitting it out the park for her clients. She is "this close" to giving up. She also keeps hearing from all the VA Coaches and experienced VA's that she needs to choose a niche, but WHY? Why should she when she is so obviously good at so many things and so many people need help? Why does Nancy have to choose? Listen - if this is you - I feel you and I have been you. I spent the entire first year of my VA business being a No Niche Nancy and so I am sharing from a place of experience when I say the drawbacks of it are simple (well simple now for me looking back). Here are three reasons why you want to give up being a No Niche Nancy ASAP. 1. Your BRAIN Hates it! Studies show that multi-tasking is a myth and rather, what we do is called task switching. For the record  - our brains HATE IT. If you have ever found yourself sitting in front of your computer trying to remember what you were doing, you are either exhausted or your brain is exhausted from switching between completely different tasks. It takes the brain 5-10 minutes every time you task switch between projects to get back in gear. This means loss of productivity and may be the reason why at the end of the day, you find yourself so mentally drained. Choosing a niche allows you to ease that stress because even though you are working with different clients, you are doing similar tasks between your clients, which allows your brain to comfortably transition as well as increase the accuracy and quality of the work you produce. You are able to learn and grow within your niche, which allows you to apply that knowledge in real-time, to the benefit of your clients. It goes hand in hand with time blocking and is a game-changer for your overall happiness and satisfaction as a VA. 2. You are getting bad referrals because of it. Let's say you picked up a client who is a real estate agent. You only took them on because they were a referral from a friend or maybe you needed the money because you were experiencing a lull in your business. You took them on and YOU ARE KILLING IT for them. Which is what you should be doing. You are good at it, but it is not what inspires you. You actually prefer to work with business coaches, but you took this on a whim.

You Need Resources For Your VA Business? I GOT RESOURCES!

That agent's network gets to experience first hand how the quality of the work coming from them has increased and they ask - WHO IS HELPING YOU? The agent, wanting to support you and your business, says they will introduce you. You are connected to another agent, and another, and another and then before you know it, you have 3 Agents as clients and only 1 coach. The agents keep referring you business, and you feel compelled to say yes until one day you look up and you are not doing the work you really want to be doing. It's work you are good at but you are not growing from it. The business is good, but the referral is bad because it's not in alignment with your business. Having a niche and showing up powerfully in it, will save you from this. It allows you to focus and grow within the niche you love AND makes it easier for people to refer you to the right type of client. Your marketing and communication are clear and you become the go-to VA in that niche. 3. You are not making the money you deserve. If there was a more compelling reason to focus on a niche, I don't know what it is. Yes, we went into business to help business owners manage the back end of their business, but we also did it to increase our earning potential as an administrator. Diluting your offering by not having a niche makes it harder for you to command the rates you deserve. Becoming a subject matter expert, allows you to command subject matter expert rates. In addition to stellar service, the client is paying for not having to explain everything about their business but rather only the things that make their business unique. This is invaluable to clients. Having a defined niche is attractive to clients who want a specialist in their business model. So how do you choose a niche? 1. You need to identify who you enjoy working for the most! and if you do not know that... 2. You need to explore and do research into industry's you are interested in.

If you still find yourself stuck, I break down my formula for choosing a niche in this course in the virtual biz bestie vault. Check it out here kick the No Niche Nancy lifestyle to the curb!

Your Virtual Biz Bestie!


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