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I'm Shy - How Do I Build A Business?

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Can't listen - Check out the transcript below!

Fun Fact about me! I am actually very shy.

If you follow my social media accounts - you would say - LIES! LIES ROMAINE!


Know it's very possible and very true.

Many people find this shocking, but yes - I am an introvert with extrovert tendencies.

I almost did not post this because I wondered if it would hurt the public speaking part of my business, however, I felt like if I could help one shy person take the leap - it might be worth it.

So here are the facts:

  • Yes, I have a great personality.

  • Yes, I am good once engaged.

  • Yes, I am funny and fun to be around.

But the energy it takes me to do even a simple Instagram story post - Girl, the behind the scenes is a mess. I often use Mel Robbins' 1.2.3 GO method just to get out of the car for events.

Like with anything, there are levels - I am a very shy person, but once the spotlight is on, it feels like someone else takes over. And typically, I find myself EXHAUSTED after social gatherings because my body had been hijacked by the small section of my brain that is not shy for hours.

Being shy is one of the reasons I became a virtual assistant. It allowed me the freedom to do the work I loved, behind the scenes and on my own terms. I didn’t have to force myself or prepare to meet new people all the time. Because in addition to being shy - I am also an empath.

It's why I continue to build my business virtually.

Freedom Think Sessions - Virtual!

90 Day Training Sessions - Virtual!

Niche-Specific Intensives - Virtual!

Podcast Interviews and Guest Blog Posts - VIRTUAL!

It's a Shy Girls DREAM!

But even in being shy, I still have to get out there sometimes and show people what I got and toot my own horn! I can't let being shy, hold me back from launching or growing my business.

So how do I honor myself as a shy person while running a multi-six figure business?

Here are my tips for growing a business when you are shy:

1. Find Your Sweet Spot

When I knew it was time to get out there, I knew I had to find a way to stand out. I am an excellent communicator, written and verbal, so to connect I wrote AMAZING and Passionate emails to those within my niche. You can learn more about my grassroots strategy on the Support Squad Podcast.

2. Show Up Powerfully

When I tell you I show up and show out for my clients! I am not exaggerating. I look at every task, project as an opportunity to wow and add value. Even in the simplest of things, adding that 10%, makes all the difference.

So for instance, if the research project was to find the top 10 speakers in the city - that list would include, The speakers, along with their headshot, LinkedIn profile, speaker deck, website, contact info, Instagram profile, Facebook profile, recent speaking engagements and articles they may have been a part of. I think of all my projects in a way that allows my clients to make quick decisions without a lot of back and forth because they have all the information they need to do so.

This includes big projects, such as building out campaigns as well as granular tasks, such as calendar management.

3. Maximize The Opportunities You Have

I learned early on that I could avoid having to do excessive networking [read as ANY networking] if I asked my happy clients for referrals. Most times my clients were always asking me how they could help me - they wanted to see me win because 1. They truly cared about me and 2. Me winning meant I stayed in business, which meant I could continue being amazing for them.

It's a win-win.

I ask for referrals with intention, I am clear about who I am looking to support and ask them to send their colleagues my way if they feel I can make an impact in their business. My virtual assistant business is close to being 100% referral based. At times I have had a waitlist and I have people who have my on their vision board, because of the way my clients have referred me.

Me - little ol' me - is on people's vision boards.

And you can be too. Shy and all - It's all possible for you using those three steps.

1. Find your sweet spot of how you like to engage and communicate!

2. Show Up Powerfully for the people you support!

3. Maximize those opportunities!

With that - I think I've done enough talking for the day! I am going to dive into some client work!

If you are looking for a mentor or coach to help you figure out building a virtual business - go to to learn more about how to work one on one with me for systems and process training, business development support and niche-specific training on supporting coaches, events and speakers.

Until next time!

Romaine Brown Palmer

Your Virtual Biz Bestie

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