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We Give Opportunity  to entrepreneurs Learn To to create efficient businesses that they love.
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About Me

My name is Romaine Brown-Palmer and I am aa Speaker, Entrepreneur and Coach to Virtual Assistants and Project Managers.


I work with amazing and amazing in progress, entrepreneurs to create efficient businesses that they love. ​ As the founder of The Executive Administrative Group, I have had the distinct pleasure of helping business owners launch, manage and grow their business. This space is where I pay forward what I have learned to other virtual assistants and virtual entrepreneurs.


If you are a virtual assistant looking for support in launching or growing your business, check out Courses & Coaching to learn more about how to work with me one-on-one.

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Ready To Take Virtual Business Classes

Let me walk you through the process I have used for the past five years to grow my virtual assistant business - earning myself more time, freedom and flexibility while running a multi-six figure business. I created this course and coaching program to simplify running a virtual assistant business, whether you choose to operate as a solo-entrepreneur or you are looking to build your business with a team.
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RAW Residency

RAW Residency

RAW Residency

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