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About Me

Hey Bestie!


My name is Romaine Brown-Palmer, your virtual biz bestie, and I am an administrative business coach and consultant who has helped 100's of service professionals build sustainable businesses that they love - and loves them back.

I am retired from this work - but I don't want you to struggle searching around the internet for what you need. So I've placed it all here to make it easy for you to access. 

Also know that if you REALLY need me, whether you are a former client or you found my content online - I'm never too far away. You can send me an email with how I can help and whether it be some time or a referral - I have your back!

Your Virtual Biz Bestie

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Ready To Launch A Virtual Assistant Business?

The Business Of Virtual Assisting was a live group training 90-day course and now YOU can buy the REPLAYS!
Enjoy this self-paced version of the course, with all the resources and bonuses you will need to run your business.
Let me walk you through the processes I have used to grow my virtual assistant business - earning myself more time, freedom, and flexibility while running a  business. 


On my journey as a business owner, I have found that no solution is one size fits all. In addition to coaching, I create digital and physical products to help virtual support pro's with the day-to-day needs of their business. From courses that help you build a capabilities deck, to journals to help you manage your personal self-care needs.

Click the images below to learn more about these resources.
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Are you ready to level up in your business operations knowledge? I am never too retired to help. 


Are you tired of spending hours on social media trying to find clients?

Are you ready to add additional services to your business so that you can earn more money and serve a greater audience?


Then You Are Ready For A Freedom Think Session!

Freedom Think Sessions are for Virtual Service Providers who are looking to either:

1. Launch their service-based business

2. Reset their service-based business

3. Expand their business using the Agency model.

This one-on-one intensive is for the aspiring or established service pro who is looking for customized training, tools, resources, tips, and insights on the unique needs of their business.

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