Have you ever attended an event where the person on stage   

said one thing that changed the direction of your life? 


Then you know the Power and Influence of Speakers!



Behind every great leader, there is a great team and with this masterclass, I am going to teach you all the behind the scenes steps it takes to get that speaker from inquiry to inspiring on stage.

You Want To Take This Masterclass If:

  • You are looking for a niche that allows you to utilize all your organization, communication, and execution skills.

  • An existing client has decided to branch out into public speaking and you want to ensure you are ready for all that comes with.

  • You are currently supporting a speaker but want to learn more about the process so that you can show up more powerfully for them.

  • You want to know if this could be for you!


We are all looking for information, direction, and inspiration. Because of this, speakers are and will continue to be, an in-demand segment of our entrepreneur community.  Their support team is vital to them to ensure they can stay in their zone of genius, focus on creating and perfecting their content.


Your support will allow them to walk on stage, feeling confident,

prepared, and ready to deliver.   

So let's get you READY!

Join Me For 

Virtual Assistant Masterclass | Supporting Speakers!

June 13th, 2020 | 12 pm To 1:30 pm, EST.

 Followed by a live Q&A session.

You are going to learn:

  • How to manage inquiries

  • How to pitch on behalf of speakers

  • Important things to know about working with speaker agencies and bureaus

  • Managing the booking process

  • Managing their travel

  • Managing deliverables and their commitments

  • Marketing to speakers and more!



Romaine talks the talk, very knowledgeable, and real about any VA topic. I like upfront and trustworthy information especially from someone who has had the experience.

Gyann M.


Romaine always OVER delivers. If you need direction or any questions in your business, she is the one to turn to! Her masterclasses are jam-packed with information and she even gives insider tips that will help you grow your business. She is so supportive and willing to help and only wants to see us succeed.

Ericka C.

I can't think of anything to add to this session. There was more information than I expected which made it very enjoyable.

Tonya K.

Did I Mention Your Bonuses?

Bonus #1: Speaker Onboarding Checklist:

Why You Want This:  To ensure you have all the resources you need to support a speaker and identify any missing pieces you may need to help your client build a seamless pitch and response process.

Bonus #2: Speaker Booking Checklist:


Why You Want This: This checklist covers everything from agreements, to payments, to travel arrangements, and more. You want to ensure never miss a step and your client shows up to their event, prepared and distraction-free? Then you want this checklist.

Bonus #3: Speaker Deck Builder Canva Template:

Why You Want This:  Not sure what goes into a Speaker Deck? Add instant value with this template and help your client build a speaker deck if they do not already have one! You never know, you may need it for yourself one day!

Are You Ready? Book Your Spot!

Payment Terms & Conditions: Fees for One-time Strategy Sessions or masterminds are non-refundable. Should you miss the session you have paid for the recording will be provided within 48 hours and you will have access to watch said recording for 10 days.

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About Your Trainer

Romaine Brown Palmer is a Speaker, Administrative Consultant, Virtual Assistant Coach, and Founder of The Executive Administrative Group, a boutique firm that provides virtual project management and executive administrative support to entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, coaches,

marketing firms, and more.


Romaine’s passion is the process. She loves nothing more than helping entrepreneurs take their vision from idea to reality. She has a particular knack for creating and executing systems and processes.

She works one-on-one with companies that are looking to build and improve their administrative operations and provides consultation services for virtual assistants who are looking to expand their service and support offering.



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