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Launch Your Virtual Assistant Business W


Are you ready for 2020 to be the year that:


  • You launch or create a virtual assistant business you absolutely love 

  • You create a business that fits into your lifestyle and not the other way around

  • You get all the tips and tools you need to avoid overwhelm as a new business owner


While everyone else seems to have hit the ground running, you may be feeling like you got the slow start out the gate. It happens. At some point, we all feel like we are being left behind and stuck in “Maybe” land.


  • Maybe you need more clarity.

  • Maybe you feel like you need someone to hold your hand through this process.

  • Maybe you just need a little more information to do this confidently. 

  • Maybe you are not sure you even WANT to do this.​


And yet, above all those “maybe’s” there is this overwhelming feeling is that THIS is the year and it’s time to take the leap!


Everyone has always told you how amazing you are and how much you have changed their lives through your support. They took a chance on you and have experienced first hand how good life is with you on their team.  Now it’s time to take a chance on yourself and spread your special brand of administrative magic.


So let’s put those maybe’s to bed!


Let me walk you through the process I have used for the past five years to grow my virtual assistant business - earning myself more time, freedom and flexibility while running a multi-six figure business.


Join me for What You Need To Know About Becoming A Virtual Assistant

Saturday, February 8th, 2020



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Need more info on what we will be covering?



Before you take the leap you want to be sure that you will be able to sustain and exceed your current income. I GET THAT and I FEEL YOU!  Let me show what’s possible. I will peel back the curtain on what is financially possible, even in your first year of business and how I made my annual income in 4 months as a business owner.



Above the baseline of being an administrative badass ( pardon my french but I couldn't figure out any other way to say it - that's what we are!) , there are some unique skills that if you have them, pretty much guarantee your success as a virtual entrepreneur. I am going to share with you what those are and how to harness those powers.


Ready to reserve your spot? Awesome! Click Here!


Let me make this very clear... this is going to be a candid conversation for those who want to be brave and bold in 2020. You will have the opportunity to ask me ANYTHING you have wanted to know about the virtual assistant business.


I want you to walk away knowing for sure if this is for you! 

So Let’s Go! See You On The Call!




Your Virtual Biz Bestie

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