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How Do I Respond To This?


Are you finding yourself stuck when it comes to replying

to clients or prospective clients?

Does having to tell a client NO give you anxiety?

Are you faced with clients who consistently test the boundaries

of their agreement and you are not sure how to address it?



As a virtual assistant coach, I get asked for support on how to respond to clients ALL THE TIME. Many times, the request is filled with anxiety and dread.

"What if they don't want to work with me if I say no to this?"

"This client keeps asking me for tasks that are outside of their scope of work - how do I stop this?"

For a small business, these types of scenarios can wreak havoc on your emotions and also your quality of work. 


It's time to stop the fear cycle around client communication!

You Want To Take This Masterclass If You Want to Learn:

  • How to communicate with clients around boundaries in your business.

  • How to say NO gracefully to projects that are not a good fit.

  • How to transition clients that are not a good fit, after you have already onboarded them.

  • How to handle when you've made a mistake on a client's account. It happens, let's address it!

  • How to amplify your language to attract your ideal client.

  • Things you can put in place to get out of the "cell phone communication" cycle.


As the CEO of your business, you have to be prepared

to communicate professionally while also maintaining

a harmonious client relationship and your power.

If this is a Struggle For You​, Join Me For:

Virtual Assistant Masterclass | Client Communication

September 17th, 2020 | 12 pm To 1:00 pm, EST.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

You are going to learn:

  • How to understand the different personality types and how to communicate with them successfully

  • Communication for client management

  • Communication for problem solving and awkward situations

  • How to communicate from a solution-based mindset



Romaine talks the talk, very knowledgeable, and real about any VA topic. I like upfront and trustworthy information especially from someone who has had the experience.

Gyann M.


Romaine always OVER delivers. If you need direction or any questions in your business, she is the one to turn to! Her masterclasses are jam-packed with information and she even gives insider tips that will help you grow your business. She is so supportive and willing to help and only wants to see us succeed.

Ericka C.

I can't think of anything to add to this session. There was more information than I expected which made it very enjoyable.

Tonya K.

Did I Mention Your Bonuses?

Bonus #1: Personality Type Communication Cheat Sheet:

Why You Want This:  Whether you are a solo or an agency, this tool is going to be invaluable to tweaking your communication based on your client's personality type. 

Bonus #2: Attractive Adjectives For Marketing


Why You Want This: The difference between a good I help statement and a great I help statement are the adjectives you use to share what you do. This resource has a list of adjectives you can add to your website, capabilities deck, in your bio, and your social media platforms to attract your ideal client.

Are You Ready? Book Your Spot!

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Payment Terms & Conditions: Fees for One-time Strategy Sessions or masterminds are non-refundable. Should you miss the session you have paid for the recording will be provided within 48 hours and you will have access to watch said recording for 10 days.

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About Your Trainer

Romaine Brown Palmer is a Speaker, Administrative Consultant, Virtual Assistant Coach, and Founder of The Executive Administrative Group, a boutique firm that provides virtual project management and executive administrative support to entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, coaches,

marketing firms, and more.


Romaine’s passion is the process. She loves nothing more than helping virtual entrepreneurs take their vision from idea to reality. She has a particular knack for creating and executing systems and processes.

She works one-on-one with virtual assistants who are looking to expand their service and support offerings as well as strategically grow their businesses.



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