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How Do I Respond To This?


Are you finding yourself stuck when it comes to replying

to clients or prospective clients?

Does having to tell a client NO give you anxiety?

Are you faced with clients who consistently test the boundaries

of their agreement and you are not sure how to address it?



As a virtual assistant coach, I get asked for support on how to respond to clients ALL THE TIME. Many times, the request is filled with anxiety and dread.

"What if they don't want to work with me if I say no to this?"

"This client keeps asking me for tasks that are outside of their scope of work - how do I stop this?"

For a small business, these types of scenarios can wreak havoc on your emotions and also your quality of work. 


It's time to stop the fear cycle around client communication!

You Want To Take This Masterclass If You Want to Learn:

  • How to communicate with clients around boundaries in your business.

  • How to say NO gracefully to projects that are not a good fit.

  • How to transition clients that are not a good fit, after you have already onboarded them.

  • How to handle when you've made a mistake on a client's account. It happens, let's address it!

  • How to amplify your language to attract your ideal client.

  • Things you can put in place to get out of the "cell phone communication" cycle.


As the CEO of your business, you have to be prepared

to communicate professionally while also maintaining

a harmonious client relationship and your power.


If this is a Struggle For You​, Join Me For:

Virtual Assistant Masterclass | Client Communication

September 17th, 2020 | 12 pm To 1:00 pm, EST.