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 Have you ever attended an event where you felt so supported and almost as though the event was catered to you


Events like that do not happen by chance - it's all logistics!


Conferences, Workshops, Masterminds, Festivals, Weddings, Virtual Events and more - all rely on the behind the scenes team to make memorable magic. The checklist of 

You Want To Take This Masterclass If:

  • You want to learn how to support flawless events

  • You are looking for a niche that allows you to utilize all your organization, communication, and execution skills.

  • An existing client has decided to branch out into hosting events and you want to ensure you are ready for all that comes with.

  • You want to know if this niche could be for you!



Your support will allow them to walk on stage, feeling confident,

prepared, and ready to deliver.   

So let's get you READY!

Join Me For 

Virtual Assistant Masterclass | Supporting Speakers!

June 13th, 2020 | 12 pm To 1:30 pm, EST.

 Followed by a live Q&A session.