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So - real talk for a minute - I can write about other people ALL DAY LONG, but when it came to this section of the site - I got stuck. So I looked at this as an opportunity to be efficient!  I hired a copywriter on fiverrsent her my resume, filled out her survey..and 1 day and $10 later.. check out the magic below. 
It is all 100% true and best of all - I didn't agonize over it for a week. These are the type of efficiency tips I live and breathe and want to share with you. Let's work smarter, together!

Romaine Brown Palmer is an Operations Professional, Consultant, and Founder of the The Executive Administrative Group a boutique firm that provides virtual project management and executive administrative support to entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, coaches, marketing firms, and more. Additionally, she works one-on-one with companies that are looking to build and improve their administrative operations and provides consultation services for virtual assistants who are looking to expand their service and support offering.


Romaine’s passion is the process: she loves nothing more than helping entrepreneurs take their vision from idea to reality. She thrives in a fast-paced, deadline-oriented environment, and loves being “the hero”, easing the stress of operations and providing real solutions to complex problems.


She has a particular knack for creating and executing systems and processes, and admittedly thrives in a team environment, citing the growth and learning opportunities that are inherent in a group dynamic.


Highlights of Romaine’s almost two decades of experience in operations and administrative management includes being one of the youngest property managers of luxury properties in NYC. She has worked first hand with two technology startups and supported them successfully through the merger and acquisition process. With the launch of her own successful business, she currently oversees a team that includes several full-time employees and freelancers. 


It's not all business! Romaine believes in having FUN!


Originally from Jamaica, Romaine moved to Florida when she was 13 years of age. She relocated to New York in 2000 but returned to Florida ten years later, where she now resides with her husband and daughter in Broward County. 


A cyclist, Romaine once mountain-biked 50 miles in the MS 150. She is up at 5:30 am most mornings cycling with her father, and together they ride 10 miles every weekday, 20+ miles on weekends.


She spends her leisure time at the beach, and the library and loves to travel. A huge fan of spa’s and staycations, she is intent on discovering everything Florida has to offer.



Feel free to follow her business & personal social accounts!



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