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Bestie - It's Time To Stop Putting It Off!


Have you been wanting to put together a signature service

offering but have not been sure where to start?

Are you tired of recreating the wheel every time you have to

send out emails, presentations, and proposals?

Are you ready to simplify your day-to-day by activating workflows

so you can live your lazypreneur best life?

Then bestie - it's time to stop putting it off!



Over the last few months as a coach, I have spoken to no less than 50 virtual assistants or service pros and one of these 3 topics always comes up as a pain point for them. They have been ready to grow, but between the day-to-day business needs, client needs, and their personal or family commitments - creation for their business has fallen to the wayside.

What's crazy about this is - we will do these things ALL DAY for others in our service-based business, but continue to put it off in our own business. 

It's time to take out your idea journal, blow off the dust and get them activated!

As summer approaches, this is the perfect time to build the foundation for

your signature service, your templates, and your workflows.

So let's get you together in a virtual group of like-minded entrepreneurs and get it done!

Here are the dates for this series and what to expect: 

May 22nd, 2021 - Build Your Signature Service

Scroll down for pricing for this workshop and bundle pricing for all three!


We will work on building the framework for your signature service - this includes figuring out your hook, your social promo plan, your pricing, and making sure it makes sense for your niche!

Uhmm Romaine, what is a signature service? 


A signature service is a project-based one-time service that

can stand alone separate from your retainer/ongoing clients.

i.e- Email purge and organization, CRM set up or social media

set up as a standalone offering. This helps establish your reputation

as an expert, add an additional revenue stream to your business

while also introducing your work style to clients who can become

raving fans, referral partners, and potentially become a retainer client. 


June 5th, 2021 - Build Your Template Vault

Scroll down for pricing for this workshop and bundle pricing for all three!

We will work together to build your template vault so that you are never scrambling to pull together proposals, presentations, or communication templates! 

Uhmm Romaine, why do I need a template vault? 


Well because your template vault is the first step to freedom in

your business. You need your template vault to support all

your Standard Operating Procedures [SOP] so that you, or

a member of your team, can automate the process. It also helps

when you work within a specific niche to save you time by creating

templates that you are likely to use in your client's business.

Do you want a simple, automated business?

It starts with a template vault.

June 26th, 2021 - Build Your Workflows

Scroll down for pricing for this workshop and bundle pricing for all three!


We activate your lazypreneur by mapping out workflows to help automate as much of your Lead to Client workflow as possible. 

Uhmm Romaine, What is a Workflow?

A Workflow is your blueprint of how you want your business

to operate. In my professional opinion, before you start creating

a process, hiring team members, creating SOP's of any kind,

you should create a workflow to map out what happens when,

with what systems, and what will need to be manual to match

the desired experience for your business vs what can be automated. 


Break Up With The Struggle!


As the CEO of your business, you deserve this time to

create the business of and activate your dreams!


All workshops are on

Saturdays | 11 am to 2:00 pm, ET.