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Self Paced Training
Virtual Assistants.

You know you have the
skills, I teach you how to
run the business!


with Romaine Brown-Palmer

Virtual Assistant Coach

Grab the Replays!

12 Weeks, 1 Mission:

To teach you everything

you need to know about the business of

virtual assisting so that you can launch

with Confidence in 90 Days!

This course is for you if you are ready to:


  • Launch or create a virtual assistant business you absolutely love. 

  • Create a business that fits into your lifestyle and not the other way around.

  • Get all the tips and tools you need to avoid being overwhelmed as a new business owner.

What are your Maybe's?


  • Maybe you need more clarity.

  • Maybe you feel like you need someone to hold your hand through this process.

  • Maybe you just need a little more information to do this competently. 

  • Maybe you are not sure you even WANT to do this.


If above all those “maybe’s” there is this an overwhelming feeling that THIS is your time, then it’s time to take the leap!


Everyone has always told you how amazing you are and how much you have changed their lives through your support. They took a chance on you and have experienced first hand how good life is with you on their team.  Now it’s time to take a chance on yourself and spread your special brand of administrative magic.


So let’s put those maybe’s to bed!


Let me walk you through the process I have used for the past six years to grow my virtual assistant business - earning myself more time, freedom, and flexibility while running a multi-six figure business.


I created this course and coaching program to simplify running a virtual assistant business, whether you choose to operate as a solo-entrepreneur or you are looking to build your business with a team. 


This is a live program that will be facilitated over the course of 12 weeks.


This is for you because:


  • You want to save yourself years of trial and error.

  • You are looking for a career path that offers you the flexibility to build a life around your business.

  • You are ready to launch and want to understand what you need to have in place for successful operations.

  • You want to learn how to use technology to your advantage.

  • You want to operate your business in a way that makes clients respect you and view you as a resource.

  • You need and want to know and be prepared for the great, the good, bad, and ugly of how to navigate this industry.

  • You could benefit from ongoing coaching.

  • You want to have FUN - while you are learning!

Dive Into the content now!


Keyboard and Mouse

Katherine, B.

My experience with the VA Coaching Course was amazing. I had the chance to learn new things and meet supportive women. Romaine was an awesome coach. She is always there to help and made herself available. She definitely helped me out with closing my first client. And definitely taught me not to "sale" myself short! Anyone who is interested in becoming a VA should definitely make the investment and take this course. It will answer any and all questions you may have regarding how to start your business, how to define your services, and much more!!!"


Yolanda C.

"From the moment I saw the ad for the VA seminar I have been drawn to Romaine.  She is a natural sower of seeds in the lives of others.  She has definitely empowered me for success. The completion of this class will not be the end of my professional relationship with her. I will be a lifetime student and client of all she has to offer.  She is extremely talented and knowledgeable but even better she creates that in others.  Romaine’s course is well thought out, full of useful information and presented in a way that encourages and uplifts that cannot be defined.  I would rank this experience in education right up there with my college degrees.  It is CERTIFIABLE!"

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Anna P.

This program really exceeded all my expectations. It gave me the boost of confidence I needed to consider making the step to starting a VA business. Outside of that, there was so much practical and useful information which helped in other areas of my career. I have definitely improved my administrative skills as a result of taking this program which will 100% help me in anything I choose todo. Romaine was honest, hands-on and a delight to learn from and deserves every bit of her success!

What will I learn?

In addition to  your one on one time with me and opportunities to get all the insider information on running a virtual assistant business, you can look forward to learning: 


Module 1:    The Basics – The checklist of what you need to begin doing business


I will take you through a master checklist of everything you need to get legal as well as get financially ready to own and operate your business. Resources include a budget template and a simple business plan.

Module 2:    Gold Under The House– Selecting systems, apps, and tools that work for you!

You keep hearing about systems and processes - well in this module, I show you the top 4 systems you need to manage your business and how it specifically applies to virtual assistants.

Module 3:    Never Let it Slip - Project Management

Understanding how to properly structure your days and your projects while also managing client expectations. 

Module 4: Creating The Standard - SOP's

Setting yourself up for success, by creating and documenting all your processes. We dive deep into best practices and simple ways to keep these up to date! 

Module 5:    Agreements - Who/What/Why

We review all the agreements you need in your toolbox as a VA or VA Agency!  Resources include agreement templates for ongoing, project work, and more.

Module 6:    The Whole Package - Creating Packages that Make Sense

Using my money matrix resource tool, you will be able to quickly calculate how to price your services and how to reach your income goals, based on how many hours you want to work.

Module 7:    So, What Can You Do? - Creating a Capabilities Deck to replace your Resume

Say goodbye to your resume! I teach you how to build out an impressive capabilities statement that will increase your closing ratio, revenue, and improve client retention.

Module 8:    Your Tribe - Client and Team Building

This module we dive into best practices for finding and keeping clients as well as how to build your referral community. Resources include a client onboarding sheet and a new bonus tool that will simplify the onboarding process.

Module 9:    Creativity Central - Simple Design Tools

I get it, not everyone is creative, but this module helps to pull the creativity out as I go over tools to help you brand and promote your business. You will also be able to actively use these skills with your clients!

Module 10:  Back it Up - Storage and Management

Cloud storage is the backbone of virtual collaboration. I show you how to manage your client's storage as well as your internal processes.

Module 11:   Outsourcing vs. Hiring

Collaboration and support is key to growing a virtual business. In this module, I share the do's and don'ts of hiring vs. outsourcing in your clients' business as well as your own.

Module 12:   Social 101 - Social Media Basics 

Let's get social! I share with you all the tools, tips, and best practices for marketing yourself on social media as well as managing social media accounts for clients.


What's The Investment?

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 Your investment is 1 payment of  $297

Your investment includes: 

  • 12 training sessions 

  • 20+ Templates and resources for all modules and your virtual assistant business

  • On-the-go access to the recordings at your own pace*


All That + Amazing Freebies and Discounts

on Continuing Education Products From 

The Virtual Biz Bestie Vault!

* You get 100% access to the course and all the resources upon purchase so please note that this is a non-refundable purchase.

Let's Get this done!

Bestie, this is your time.
I can't wait to help you
bring your vision to life!


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