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One on One

Freedom Think Sessions & Coaching


Freedom Think Sessions incorporate my unique approach to coaching and consulting. I work one on one with business owners, virtual assistants and virtual project managers in a way that allows you to launch or grow your business in a powerful way.

These are action based sessions designed to give you the opportunity to gain clarity and take action on streamlining your business so that you can get to the work of sharing your gifts with other entrepreneurs.


Here's what those who have had one on one sessions with me have to say:

"Romaine is absolutely amazing!  Her ability to bring calm to my entrepreneurial

craziness is a gift! I would recommend working with her because she is firm,

organized, and holds you accountable to get it done! All while providing support 

to help do the things you hate doing but need to get done."

Coach Cass - Love Coach and Founder of Inspire Many, LLC.

"As I make my transition out of Corporate America to my own business pursuits and

also to a new state from the north to the south of the United States, I must admit

that I felt fear, some confusion and anxiety associated with the unknown. 


The first thing Romaine and her company was able to do was to allay my fear. 

Romaine Brown Palmer has a unique gift of instilling vision and confidence.

Her warmth, positive demeanor, confidence and obvious competence did it for me.


I now know that there is nothing to fear and that I am in good hands. 

I would describe her as my GPS in this huge maze that It seemed I found myself.

She answered every question I had, made suggestions that I had not thought of before,

documented everything from our session and sent everything over to me in real time.


I also learnt how to use software that I knew nothing of before. Talk about creating VALUE!!! What I received was beyond value. They get the job done and in the most-timely manner. I feel confident now that I am in the best hands!!!

Angella Edusei - Author, Speaker, Coach


After each coaching session, you will have tangible products that you can implement right away and guidance on the next steps. 


I designed it this way to provide the opportunity for us to work together to finally close the loop on creating the systems and processes that you feel are holding back from launching or expanding your business. 


Working together, we will fill in the gaps - whether they be knowledge, technology or mindset - that you need to be filled to run your business with full confidence.



Are you ready? AWESOME!



The next step is to have you schedule a call to discuss your goals.


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