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Make A Statement!

Have you ever had a year where you just throw fear out the window?

I think this is my year!

The year I look at my goals and say - NAH - BIGGER!

The year I stop - " sitting on ideas" until they are perfect. Because I truly believe that the seed of wanting to do something, would not have been planted within me, if it was not meant for me.

I have never had the desire to be a Doctor or a Lawyer or an Actress - and yet there are those who that is all they have ever wanted to be.

I have, however, always wanted to be a creator and someone who had fun, no matter what they are doing.

So let's have some fun!

I am proud to announce that I have launched my T-shirt Line - [Black Shirts - White Letters].

Check out some of the designs below and shop the whole collections over at



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